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Are these genuine x-rays or CGI?

These are genuine x-rays.  No CGI or special effects are used in our work.  We have won many awards for our x-ray art and it is many museums, institutions and collections around the world.


What is a plexi face mount?

The x-ray image of the vehicle is printed as a museum quality chromogenic print.  This print is then sandwiched between polished plexi on the face and di-bond (a rigid aluminium composite). On the back of the dibond is a subframe.  This subframe is supported by a rail that you screw to your wall.  The result is beautifully minimal and elegant – the image floats off the wall, the car resonates from a deep black background.


What is a metal print?

The inverted x-ray image of the vehicle is printed with special dies directly to sensitized aluminium.  The results are of unsurpassed quality and have an ethereal luminescence particularly suited to, and specifically chosen for, the reproduction of vehicle x-rays. The aluminium has the edges rounded for an elegant, safe and simple finish.  There is a subframe on the back and all you have to do is follow the enclosed instructions to simply screw a support for this subframe to your wall.


Is shipping/delivery included?

Yes.  We include the shipping costs to anywhere in the world.  We cannot, however, be held liable for any charges or duties that are sometimes applied by customs in your particular country.


Where can I hang these artworks.

Our artworks are designed for internal use.  As with all artworks we advise to avoid humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms and areas with direct sunlight magnified by windows which increase the heat the sun projects onto the artwork.


How do I clean and look after my artwork?

Once hung the artworks will just need the occasional clean.  NEVER USE CLEANING CHEMICALS!  Just use a lint free cloth to dust.  Avoid aggressive polishing.  They are very easy to look after.


Do you x-ray other cars and vehicles?

Yes.  Please message us with details of the project you have in mind.  We do charge for this process.


Do you make x-ray art of other things than vehicles?

Yes.  We have been doing such things for over 25 years.  See www.nickveasey.com  Message us with the project you have in mind.


How can I pay?

We only accept payments online by paypal. If you wish to make a payment by cheque or bank transfer please contact us.  We do not accept credit cards directly but you can pay by Paypal using your credit card.


Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes.  If you are dissatisfied or the artworks arrive damaged we will refund you.  No arguments, no hassle, we just refund you.  Simple.


Do Customs Duties apply?

Some purchases from customers outside the UK may be subject to duty in their own country. Any duties levied are the responsibility of the customer.


How long will my order take to arrive?

2-3 weeks.


Is your website secure?

Xrayvehicles offers secure transactions for all our products. Your personal details and credit card information are transmitted to us via a secure server. If you're at all concerned about online security just call us on +44 (0)1622 737722 during UK business hours and we'll take your order over the phone.



What are our registered company details?


Registration name:

Nick Veasey Ltd

Radar Studio

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